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The ARTCOLLECTION art collection has been formed over several decades and is one of the largest private art resources. The collection includes more than 50,000 unique exhibits from Antiquity to the present, including a large-scale segment of paintings by old masters, a unique selection of oriental art (India, Persia, China, Japan ...), sculpture, porcelain, socialist realism paintings, etc. ARTCOLLECTION activities:

Sale of unique art objects.
Selected exhibits will become a solid decoration of the interior, a key object in any space. Painting, sculpture, applied art - something that is always surprised, what they are proud of and what they especially appreciate.
Such gifts delight and meet the most subtle and sophisticated taste.
Each exhibit is accompanied by documentation and provenance. Formation of private and corporate collections.
The diversity of the ARTCOLLECTION collection implies the possibility of forming private or corporate collections of any format and scale (from 10 to 300 exhibits) by analogy with the business corporation of the world Deutsche Bank (Germany), UniCredit (Italy), UBS Group AG (Switzerland), Inkombank (Russia), Gazprombank (Russia), collectors-investors from medium and small businesses, as well as private collectors
Formation of gift funds.
Investment project ARTCOLLECTION "Nominal Museum"
In the cities of Russia and abroad, we are opening unique personalized museums together with partner investors, whose name is given to "Nominal Museums".
The investment significance of participation in the project involves not only the acquisition of exhibits by the investor in the property, but also the increase in the cultural and investment status of each piece of art through exposure, the level of audience appreciation, and recognition.
Conducting closed screenings, exclusive exhibitions (with the possibility of purchasing works of art).
Reception of visitors is strictly by appointment.
Redemption of lots and receipt of funds - Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm strictly by appointment.

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