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Graphic Collectors Club was established in 2020 as an online project on the FB platform. At the moment, it unites more than 2 thousand virtual participants who want to demonstrate their meetings, consult with colleagues, and share interesting information. Within the framework of the community, face-to-face meetings are held, and thematic exhibitions dedicated to them from the meetings of the Club members are held. Seven exhibitions were organized in 2021:
 "In memory of the collector Andrey Kusakin".
"Graphic Portrait" in the In Artibus Foundation.
"Architectural Graphics" at the In Artibus Foundation.
"Graphics of the 18th century" in the State Museum Reserve "Tsaritsyno".
"Graphics by F. Malyavin" in the gallery "Vellum".
"Graphics of the 1st half of the 19th century" in the Museum of V. Tropinin and Moscow artists of his time.
"Cats, cats, kittens" in the Vishnevsky House.
In addition, an auction of engravings from the collection of A.L. Kusakin was held under the auspices of the Club.

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