344082, Rostov na Donu, B. Sadovaya 8

אני מעוניין לקבל מבית המכירות Postavshik התראות על מכירות חדשות

We, specialists and experts - art critics with experience in the field of art, collecting and antiques in the South of Russia for more than 20 years, present you the auction house "Supplier".
Auction house "Supplier" specializes in antique books, autographs, photographs, postcards, posters, old papers, documents, philatelic materials, coins, bonistics, faleristics, painting, graphics, as well as old items of decorative and applied art (glass, porcelain, silver , bronze).
We guarantee the confidentiality and security of our transactions.
We accept payments in cash, bank transfers and payment cards.
You can get acquainted with the lots at the address: 344082, Rostov-on-Don, st. B. Sadovaya, 8 - by prior arrangement

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