Soviet era art

Москва, 3-я Мытищинская, 3, стр.16

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Within the framework of the "ART OF THE SOVIET ERA" project, you will be offered a series of thematic auction sales based on the collection of Soviet art from the 1920s - 1950s with a good exhibition biography and clear provenance. The collection has been collected by the owners for over thirty years, consistently, with attention to the Soviet era and love for the art of this period. The exhibits and artists presented in the collection have participated in many projects in Russia and abroad, have a transparent provenance, are confirmed by publications and an active 30-year exhibition activity. Most of the work came directly from artists. Your attention will be presented to the works of Boris Vladimirsky, Vladimir Gremitsky, Nikolai Terpsikhorov, Olga Vaulina, Evgeny Teisa and many other authors who undeservedly did not fall into the spectrum of wide public recognition in the Soviet years. It is all the more gratifying to observe the interest in their work among professionals and art lovers lately.
We believe that this collection is a very precise and subtle artistic embodiment of all the best that we associate with the Soviet era - some very bright naivety, faith in each person and his capabilities, pride in human achievements, depth and multi-layered images and plots. Surely, some of the works will "respond" to you too ... Perhaps you want them to please and inspire you as part of your collection ...

 The auction platform has kindly agreed not to restrict collection owners in future sales strategies, and we decided to move away from the usual rules. We bring to your attention a list of thematic auctions (the entire volume of the artistic mass of works makes it possible). You can see the composition and sequence of auctions below. We also decided to give you the opportunity to purchase the works you like before the start of the auction. Precisely to acquire, not to make an offer that can be "overwhelmed" during the auction.
The price of the purchased works will, first of all, depend on the number of selected items and may differ several times from the insured value of the items published below - namely, the insured value, which is considered according to the lower bar when insuring an item for participation in exhibitions, including foreign ones. Taking into account the factor of participation in foreign exhibitions and to simplify calculations, all prices are indicated in euros. For example, if the cost of an item is 10 euros, and the buyer has chosen a line of several items (for example, works by one author), then he buys 4 works for 35 euros, and 10 works for 50 euros. This rule applies only to works purchased before the start of the auction. All works not purchased three days before the start of the auction are put up for auction and traded as usual.
It seems to us that the opportunity to surely purchase a line of works you like for a reasonable price gives an opportunity for a serious player in the art market to make their choice. For a novice collector, this is an opportunity for a good start with quality, relatively inexpensive items.
If interested, the buyer must send an offer to purchase no later than 7 days before the start of the auction. After preliminary agreement on the price, as well as, if necessary, viewing the lots, if an agreement is reached, the buyer is obliged to redeem the lots without the possibility of return no later than 3 days before the start of the auction. In the event that payment for the agreed lots at the agreed value is not received on the seller's account three days before the start of the auction, the items are put up for auction at the insured value. A buyer who has reserved but has not redeemed the goods is deprived of the opportunity to participate in the auction in the current auction.
 Plan of thematic exhibitions and auctions

Russian surrealism (September, 2021)
Fathers and Sons (October, 2021)
Russian advertising poster before and after the revolution (November 2021)
He will stop the galloping horse. The female image of the Soviet era: painting, graphics, poster, PI. (December, 2021)
The world of childhood through the eyes of Soviet artists: painting, graphics, book illustration, poster, applied art (January, 2021)

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