Аукцион 5 Часть 1
10.8.20 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Haysour 30 Ein Sarid

Auction house Eretz is pleased to invite you to our online auction that will take place in the following days:

Part, A - Aug 10, 2020 at 17:00

The first - Palestine and Israel coins Lot 1-118,539-563,622-660

The second- collection of Egyptian coins and Ottoman coins that were a legal in Palestine Lot 144-185 and 609-621

The third - collection of silver coins from all over the world that includes over fifty different silver coins of Queen Elizabeth

The fourth - a large collection of UK coins 225-277

Fifth -Huge Collection of United States Coins Lot 359-520

The sixth is a collection of commemorative coins of the European Union from all EU countries all in UNC condition and 

Eretz auctions guarantee a precise identification, dating, description of condition and rarity of the items we offer.

We allow up to 12 installments for Payment in this auction under certain condition and by prior agreement. Please contact for term in advance

The estimates represents the fair market value of the items offered. There is no reserve price and all bids are real.

Items can be examined in person by prior arrangement. 

Аукцион закончен

ЛОТ 2:

Palestine 1 Mil 1937 KM-1 PCGS UNC Detail Semy Key Date

Стартовая цена:
$ 40
$80 - $120
Комиссия аукционного дома: 20% Подробнее
НДС: 17% Только на комиссию
Пользователи из других стран могут быть освобождены от налоговых платежей согласно соответствующим налоговым нормам.
теги: Марки