Аукцион 5 Часть 2 Kodesh books, manuscripts, rabbinical letters, Judaica
25.2.16 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Harav Maimon 2, Jerusalem
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ЛОТ 326:

Chovat Ha'Levavoth – Venice 1548 – First Edition – Signature of Rabbi Avraham Hamuy

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"The book Chovat Ha'Levavot, one of our early scholars wrote it in Arabic, and two copies of it are found, and as one of them was copied by the great rabbi Rabeinu Bahya, it is fitting that we should rely on it…". Venice, 1548, first printing.
On the first page is a signature in Oriental writing of Rabbi Avraham Hamuy.
Rabbi Avraham Hamuy was one of the greatest rabbis of Aleppo. He wrote 36 books in the different levels of the Torah (material attached).
An additional unidentified signature.
Incomplete copy (83 pages). Without a title page, the last two pages are ripped. The first 17 pages were added in from another copy of identical printing. On the first page is the signature described above.
Condition: Poor – Good. Moth holes, wear, tears.