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COUBERTIN PIERRE DE: (1863-1937) Charles Pierre de Fr

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COUBERTIN PIERRE DE: (1863-1937) Charles Pierre de Fr
COUBERTIN PIERRE DE: (1863-1937) Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. French Educator, Founder of the International Olympic Committee. Widely known as the father of the modern Olympic Games. Rare A.L.S. `P.C´, three pages, 4to, Lausanne, 18th December 1928, to Hector Barbe, in French. Coubertin states in part `I fully ignored that the Tribune de Geneve had published any ''portrait'' of myself… As far as I know, Mr. L.H. Bury, Director of the ''Gymnaste Suisse'', 10 Valentin, Lausanne, has clichés showing a skiff with me inside, also the marble seat that the city of Athens dedicated to me at the Pericles stadium, and the inauguration ceremony of the monument of Olympia.´ Coubertin further says `I read with strong interest everything I receive from your journal…I wonder if in today´s date world, so inorganic, we can live in a different way, I mean to live in the sense of creating.´ A letter of interesting content. With two binder holes to the left border. G to VG Hector Barbe, French Educator. Barbe was a passionate Hebertist. Editor of the popular education magazine ''La Synthèse Pédagogique''.