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13.4.16 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Harav Maimon 2, Jerusalem
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Pesach Haggadah - Berlin, 1785

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A Pesach Haggadah with a German translation, grammatical comments from "the exact one Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi of Steinau". Berlin, 1785.
This is only the second haggadah ever printed in Berlin. (The first haggadah which was printed in Berlin in 1726, no longer exists today as far as we know).
Rabbi Yitzchak Itzik Steinau (1732-1804), author of "VaYe'etar Yitzchak", a strange Torah scholar who is known amongst other things, for forging many books.
The translator is his student Yoel Brill. Yiddish-Deitsch and Hebrew, on facing pages. At the end of the book the booklet Siach Yitzchak is printed, which includes the laws of the selling the chametz and the wording of the document of sale.
A rare copy, different in the page numbers than most of the copies which were printed. For more information, see the Hebrew Bibliography.
[2], 50 pages. 15.5 cm.
Condition: Good. At the beginning of the book are remnants are wax seals. Original cover.