Аукцион 88 Часть 3 Day 2: Stamps
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Imperial Russia, RSFSR Issues, Soviet Union, Semi-Postal,

  Air Post, Postage Due, Philatelic Exchange Tax,

  Russian Non-Postal stamps and labels, Offices Abroad,

  Local issues of the Civil War Period, Russian Zemstvo,

  Countries of the World (San Marino to Yugoslavia)

  and Worldwide Collections

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ЛОТ 698:

Imperial Russia

Продан за: $450
Стартовая цена:
$ 240
Комиссия аукционного дома: 15% Подробнее

Imperial Russia
1902, 2k deep green, printed on vertically laid paper, double impression of the frame variety (background has single impression), full OG, very light trace of hinge, VF and rare, Scott and all Russian catalogs mentioned either double impression of the whole stamp or double impression of the background, double frame error is not listed, Sc. #56a var