Аукцион 88 Часть 3 Day 2: Stamps
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Imperial Russia, RSFSR Issues, Soviet Union, Semi-Postal,

  Air Post, Postage Due, Philatelic Exchange Tax,

  Russian Non-Postal stamps and labels, Offices Abroad,

  Local issues of the Civil War Period, Russian Zemstvo,

  Countries of the World (San Marino to Yugoslavia)

  and Worldwide Collections

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ЛОТ 715:

Imperial Russia

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$ 90
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Imperial Russia
1912-17, 20k dull blue and dark carmine, three side margin block of ten (5x2) from the bottom part of a pane, background strongly shifted to the top left, full OG, NH or hinged (one stamp and on bottom margin), VF, Sc. #82 var