Аукцион 71 Special Passover Auction: Decorative Objects, Judaica, Israeliana, Israeli Jewish and International Art
9 Leibowitsz street, Gedera, Израиль

Gallery address: 9 Leibowitsz street, Gedera.

All the devices and clocks in this auction are sold as they are, there is no gurantee for order condition.

Purchasing jewelry and gems: The auction house provides a description of the diamonds and gems to the best of its understanding and based on the knowledge and experience of the auction house experts. However, the auction house does not undertake to accurately describe the items in terms of stone size, color, level of cleanliness, condition (including description of defects) and whether it has undergone treatment or painting and the buyer is responsible for inspecting the diamonds and gems before sale. For the avoidance of doubt, no option will be given to cancel the purchase of jewelry, diamonds and gems or return them after purchase, even if the description does not match the item.

In this auction like the previous auctions, unsold items are not offered for direct sale after auction ends! please bid and participate during the auction!

The sale commission is 20% + VAT on the commission only. in a week time from the auction.

A fee of 5% will be added to late payments.

Dollar rate for this auction is $=3,3 shekels.

Items items can also be released in the gallery itself in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health.

Entry is allowed with a mask only.

In any case many clients will arrive together, the entry to the gallery will be by stages.

New customers who have participated a few times in auctions will usually be approved with a limit on the amount you can offer at least initially. If you want to raise the amount or remove the limit, you are welcome to contact us by phone.

In this auction to Israeli clients, payment will be possible directly upon completion of the auction.

You will receive the invoice for payment and then you can choose the requested shipping method.

Please note the different costs: courier delievery as well as the different registered shipping costs depending on the weight.

If you are unsure about the shipping cost (registered upon weight or special complicated/breakable items) please contact us before making the payment.

Buyers from abroad will receive an invoice within a business day from the end of the auction including the shipping cost for the items purchased and will be able to pay online by credit card.

We only use the Israeli Post services. Buyes are welcome to pay include the shipping cost and we will send your parcel soon as payment complete.

Shippments can be choosen in one of forward options:

Registered shippping (Israel post) prices:

Up to 2 kilo at a cost of 20 NIS

2-5 Kilo cost 25 NIS.

5-10 kilo cost 32 NIS

10-20 kilo cost 40 NIS

Courier delivery of the Israeli post in the costs of 60 NIS regardless of weight up to 20 kg (only in Israel).

We try to get the deliveries out of the gallery within two business days at the latest. The delivery time of the items depends on the Israeli post and global post work. Each buyer who pays on delivery, will receive a detailed email with the tracking number and a link to the tracking on the mail site accordingly.

*** Please pay attention! there is no gurantee for damage/breakage to items in any type of mail (registered / couriers)! A customer who confirms the delivery of items, will take into account that the warranty will only be in the event of loss until the cost is covered by the postal services only ****

In cases of complecated items and fragile items, the auction house may take an additional cost to ensure the proper packaging of the items.

With certain items, large or particularly complex items, the buyer will have to coordinate collection from the Auction House.

About the vat, buyers from abroad can request to remove the vat with scan of their passport only!  

Аукцион закончен

ЛОТ 2:

Collection of 16 antique and old silver and silver plated medals, badges and tokens.

Стартовая цена:
$ 100
Комиссия аукционного дома: 20% Подробнее
НДС: 17% Только на комиссию
Пользователи из других стран могут быть освобождены от налоговых платежей согласно соответствующим налоговым нормам.

Collection of 16 antique and old silver and silver plated medals, badges and tokens.
Collectionof 16 antique and old silver and silver plated medals, badges and tokens, 134 gr., including:
1. Sculptor Andre Huguenin Dumitran, gilt bronze medal /plaque Water Polo game, diam. 30mm., signed to both sides, art craft.
Sculptor Andre Huguenin Dumitran (1888-1975), Schweiz
André Huguenin-Dumittan was a sculptor and graphic artist.
2. King George V Queen Mary – Silver Jubilee Medal 1935, diameter: 38 mm., 19.4 gr., dent
This is an example of a 1½” metal medallion that has the raised image of King George VI and Queen Mary on the front. The back has a coat of arms and Ascended Throne 6th May 1910. To Commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary May 6th 1935
3. scotch black & white whisky 2 Dogs silver plated keychein, diam. 30 mm.
4. Silver pendant /medallion from Persian antique silver coin, diam. 20mm.
5. Art deco Egyptian style brass pendant, plaque, diam. 32 mm. art craft, wear
6. French art deco silver plated sports plaque /medal. Inscription on reverse side:
Education Nationale. Jeunesse et sports (National Education. Youth and sports), size: 3.2 x 1.9 cm.
7. 7 Old Dagestan plaques /badges, art craft
And other items