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Kishinev Riots. A very large rare proclamation declaring a public fast in the year [1906]

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Kishinev Riots. A very large rare proclamation declaring a public fast in the year [1906]
Extremely rare proclamation by the great rabbis of Lithuania and Poland declaring a fast for all Jewry on Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul [1906].
Huge Proclamation: 69*45 cm.
At the top is a general letter signed by: the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rabinowitz, Av Beit Din of Kovno, Rabbi Eliezer Gordon Av Beit Din of Telshe, and Rabbi Moshe Danishevsky the Av Beit Din of Slobodka.
Below this are printed individual letters from more than 30 rabbis and rebbes, amongst them: The Admor, author of Avnei Nezer, Rabbi Noah of Babreusk, the author of Aruch HaShulchan, Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik, Rabbi David Karliner, Rabbi Eliyahu Baruch Kamai, the Rabbi of Mir, Rabbi Itzele Ponovitzer, HaRogotzover, Rabbi Meir Atlas, Rabbi Raphael of Volozhin, Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Eishishuk, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Sender Kahana Shapira of Kreinik, and other great rabbis.
The decision to proclaim a fast was a result of the pogroms which began in [1903] in Kishinev and continued until [1906] in Odessa and Bialystok and other villages in Russia. In these riots over a thousand Jews were massacred.
Extremely rare, probably unknown.
Reinforced and restored, fold marks, with a little loss of text in several places. Moderate-good condition