Аукцион 4 Judaica, manuscripts, books, letters and more
17.2.15 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 רחוב מיקוניס 3, תל אביב
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Jerusalem Passover Haggadah - Beck Trc"g.

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Passover Haggadah with the Rishonim interpretation, and interpretations of the Gvurat Hashem by the Maharal of Prague, and interpitation of the Olelut Ephraim, and interpretation of the Chatam Sofer, and sedes of saying the korban Pessach by the Gaon of Vilna , Jerusalem, Israel Beck Trc"g pattern, two gates, agreements behind the first gate, introduction of the publisher behind the second gate, with the engraving "Etz Hachaim" in the gate, (2) b - L'a 6 'pages, missing two pages at the end, good - medium condition, slight damage to text on the last page, a new cover, (S. Halevi 77)