Аукцион 4 Judaica, manuscripts, books, letters and more
17.2.15 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 רחוב מיקוניס 3, תל אביב
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Book "Ele Hamitzvot" on the Try"g Mitzvo, Kapust Tka"h

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Book "Ele Hamitzvot" on the Try"g Mitzvot, by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz, Kapust Tka"h, Ky"d pages, two gates, front cover detached, good condition. Rabbi Moshe Chagiz (Mani"ch) son of Rabbi Jacob Chagiz (Mh"s small Laws) was born in Jerusalem in Tl"b, received the Torah from his beard head of rabbis of Jerusalem Rabbi Moshe Galante (Hmg"n) and by Rabbi Avraham Yitzhaki, Rabbi Discover During five decades in the world: Italy Netherlands and Ashkenaz, and many verbs to God and His Torah, author of: Mishnat Chachamim,Shut Shtei Halrchem, Leket Hakemach, and more, was in a great friendship with the Chacham Tzvi and his son Rabbi Jacob Emden, fought a holy war Sabbateanism has spread At the time, according to the Hida short lived nearly ninety years.