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Jonasz Stern (Poland, 1904-1988) - Street View, Watercolor on Paper, Krakow, 1936.

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Jonasz Stern (Poland, 1904-1988) - Street View, Watercolor on Paper, Krakow, 1936.
Jonasz Stern (Poland, 1904-1988) - Street View, Watercolor on Paper, Krakow, 1936.
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Jonasz Stern (1904 in Kalusz - 1988 in Zakopane) - Polish painter, graphic artist and pedagogue of Jewish origin.
He was born in Kalusz near Stanislawow to a Jewish family. He was educated at the Industrial School in Lvov and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where he lived from 1928. He combined studies with paid employment at the Tecza and Drukarnia factory.
In 1933, together with other artists, he founded the artistic association Grupa Krakowska. As a scenographer he collaborated with the Cricot theater. He was also a political activist; he belonged to the following parties: Communist Party of Western Ukraine , PPS-Left, KZMP, MOPR, KPP and PZPR.
In 1936 he participated in the Congress of Cultural Workers in Lvov. For leftist beliefs, he was removed from the Union of Polish Artists and in 1937 he was imprisoned in the camp in Bereza Kartuska.
The outbreak of World War II found him in Lvov, where after the occupation of the city in 1941 by the Nazis he was imprisoned in the ghetto. He was sent from the ghetto to the extermination camp in Belzec, however he managed to escape during the transport and return to Lvov. On June 1, 1943, he miraculously survived the liquidation of the ghetto , escaped from the bodies shot and fled to Hungary to Budapest, where in the Csillaghegy district he was hiding thanks to the help of the military police commander named Endre Laszlo. He returned to Krakow in 1945. In the years 1954-1974 he worked as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. He took part in the reactivation of the Krakow Group and was its long-term president.
He did easel painting, graphics, monotype and serigraphy. His works were exhibited, among others in New York, Moscow, Venice, Copenhagen, London, Prague and Tokyo. Many Polish and foreign museums have his works in their collections.
Jonasz Stern has been honored with many awards and distinctions, including Award of the Minister of Culture and Art, Order of the 1st Class Labor Banner in 1979, in 1961 he was the winner of the Krakow City Award.
Source: wikipedia.