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13.7.11 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
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Magnificent Large Format Illustrated Megillat Esther - Contemporary Artistic Judaica

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$ 70,000
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Magnificent Megillat Esther, accurate and artistic scribe writing, with impressive illustrations. Ink, gouache, acrylic, tempera, water colors and gold upon parchment. [Eretz Israel, 2007-2009]. Signed by artist:"S. Ratson 2009" in Hebrew and English.
The Megillah was planned over the period of a few months and was handwritten in sanctity with the proper intentions upon 8 large parchment sheets (64.5 cm.), sewn together in a kosher manner, in artistic and accurate scribe writing, with illustrations of the plot, in hues of blue and bourdeaux, with 23 karat gold ornaments.
18 columns; 16 contain text, on bottom - illustration related to content of Megillah in various hues of blue; average size 11X24 cm. Magnificent crown ornaments (in four different styles) with bourdeaux and gold frames separating the columns. First and last columns contain only large illustration, spread out over entire length of parchment sheet: First column -"Megillat Esther" /"Kacha Ye'aseh La'ish Asher HaMelech Chafetz BiKaro"; last column: Mordechai and Queen Esther. Illustrations created with fine paintbrushes and slow deliberate strokes. Names of ten sons of Haman written consecutively as customary, in a separate column containing 11 lines.
The Megillah was written on kosher parchment with kosher ink, was proofread by "Mishmeret Stam", Bnei Brak, and is kosher.
~~Scribe - Yehudah Tzvi Ben-David, born in 1957. Studied psychology in Haifa University; at age 28 became observant and joined the congregation of Rabbi Mordechai Auerbach of Tel Aviv. Works as a scribe for over 15 years.
~~Artist - Shuli Ratzon, born in 1978. From the congregation of Rabbi Auerbach in Tel Aviv, resides in Bnei Brak. Studied art by several artists, specializes in illustration and ornamentation of Judaic items using diverse techniques.
Magnificent Megillat Esther written and illustrated over a period of three years; impressive modern item of artistic Judaica; one and only copy.
Attached is a letter by Rabbi Mordechai Auerbach, in which he authorizes that he knows both the scribe and the artist, attesting to the fact that this is a unique copy.
Height: 64.5 cm. Length: 5 meters. Placed within plastic gilded case 80.5X25X13.5 cm. Very good condition.