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LOT 21:

Korelin M. Early Italian humanism and its historiography. Critical study. In 2 books: 4 volumes + Alphabetical indexes.

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Korelin M. Early Italian humanism and its historiography. Critical study. In 2 books: 4 volumes + Alphabetical indexes.
Second edition-SPb.: Printing house of M. Stasyulevich 1914 hardcover, modern, semi-leather, 16 x 23.5 cm. Very good condition, publishing covers are preserved, on the back cover of each volume ex libris "Ex Libris A. G. Petro Poli".

A complete set of four volumes with an alphabetical index app.

INVENTORY OF VOLUMES. Volume I: Historiographical review. With a portrait of the author and an introductory article by prof. XXXVI, 270 p., 1 l. portr. - Volume II: Francesco Petrarch, his critics and biographers. [4], 255 p. - Volume III: Giovanni Boccaccio, his critics and biographers. IV, 168 p. - Volume IV: Contemporaries, friends, students and followers of the first humanists in the XIV and first quarter of the XV century. V, 448 p. - Alphabetical indexes to TT. I-IV. 38 p. 

Mikhail Sergeyevich Korelin (1855-1899) - a talented historian, Professor at Moscow University. In 1885-1887, he was on a business trip abroad, mainly in Italy. He specialized in Italian humanism. Since 1889, the scientist has lectured as a private assistant Professor at Moscow University. For his master's thesis "Early Italian humanism and its historiography", in view of its outstanding merits, he received a doctorate immediately, after which he was appointed Professor of General history at Moscow University. His work received a very good review by the outstanding Russian historian N. Kareev. Korelin's main research interest was in the history of culture, in connection with the history of literature and art. In the last years of his life, he was engaged in popularizing history, giving lectures to students of secondary schools, and dreamed of popular publications on universal history. M. Korelin's dissertation is a major work that comprehensively presents the degree of study in European literature of problems related to Italian humanism of the XIV — first quarter of the XV century. The author describes the achievements of European science of the XVIII-XIX centuries in the study of the Italian Renaissance. The main focus of the researcher is on the life and work of the first humanists: Francesco Petrarch and Giovanni Boccaccio, their friends, students and followers, and the disclosure of these and other more specific issues in historical literature. The research was characterized by great novelty, opened whole layers of new sources, summarized all existing research on the early Italian Renaissance, and described in detail the evolution of the attitude of Modern European thought to the era and its main actors. The dissertation contains a huge amount of material based, among other things, on handwritten sources, which comprehensively covers the historical and cultural phenomenon studied by the author. M. Korelin studied the nature of the humanistic worldview, the ideological struggle of supporters of the old and carriers of the new perception of the world, the development of humanistic ideas within universities and beyond their walls.