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LOT 4335:

Collection: Memory Of Yesenin.

Price including commission: 1,725 р
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1,500 р
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Price including commission: 3,450 р

Collection: Memory Of Yesenin.
Moscow: all-Russian Union of poets, 1926-269, [3] p.: portr., Il., Fax.; 17 x 13.5 cm. - 4000 copies. In a typeface publishing cover. Good condition.

The collection includes articles, memoirs, and poems dedicated to Yesenin and his death. 
It opens with Trotsky's article "In memory of Yesenin" with a note: "The present letter of L. D. Trotsky was read out on January 18, 1926 at the Moscow Academic Art theater at the evening of memory of S. Trotsky. Yesenina.
Printed in the newspaper Izvestia on January 20, 1926." The section "Poems" contains, among others, poems by N. Klyuyev, V. Knyazev and P. Oreshin. In the section " Autographs. Iconography "- photo " Yesenin in a coffin. Leningrad": among those bent over the coffin - N. Klyuyev and I. Ionov. " - A.V. Blum.
Forbidden books of Russian writers and literary critics 1917-1991. №1095. Good complete condition, the possessory title is the inscription "G. Shebalin".