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Holy handwriting of the Gaon,   Author of "Melo ...

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Holy handwriting of the Gaon,   Author of "Melo HaRo'im". 

Torah Novella on Tractate Shabbat in the holy handwriting of the great Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Yelish of Dinov, author of Melo Haro"im and Kehilas Yaakov, on pages 49, 52 and 53 of tractate Shabbat.

Rabbi Yaakov Zvi Yelish of Dinov (5538 - 5585) was one of the greatest Tzaddikim of Hasidim, and one of the greatest rabbis of Galicia. He was a talmid of the great fathers of Chassidus; the Chozeh of Lublin, The Koznitzer Maggid , and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov, as well as a friend of the Bnei Issachar, and Yeshuat Yaakov.

Although he died at the young age of only forty-seven, he nevertheless authored a vast amount of seforim in the hidden and revealed Torah . He authored 27 books as the numerical number of shemen zais zach, from which  were printed: Kehilos Yaakov, Molei HaRo'im, Beis Vaad LaChachomim, Parshas Drachim Zuta, Hega'os V'Chiddushim B'Shas Vilna, and more.

[1] leaf, one side written on full page and one side partially written.  24x19 cm. The margins below are rounded with very small defect, some water stains. All in thin, legible and clear handwriting.
The novella were not printed in Shas Vilna, but were printed in Sefer Molei Ha'Ro'im HaChadash  (Jerusalem 1933).